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Visit of the Taxes Director of Department of Atlantic -Littoral to the Municipality of Abomey-Calavi: For a strong and fruitful partnership for the mobilization of the fiscal resources

Visit of the Taxes Director of Department of Atlantic -Littoral to the Municipality of Abomey-Calavi: For a strong and fruitful partnership for the mobilization of the fiscal resources

As part of the series of tours he initiated in the different municipalities in his area of competence, the Departmental Director of Taxes Atlantic and Littoral, Emmanuel Sonon, carried out on Thursday, November 10, 2016, a workshop at the Abomey-Calavi Municipality for a working session.

In the company of his staff and the heads of the Deconcentrated Departments of the State in this sector (Collectors and CIPE1 and 2 Tax Inspectors), the Departmental Director of Taxes exchanged with the Deputy Mayors, the Head of Mission of Control and tax evasion, and then the Director of Financial and Material Resources, on the practical steps to be taken in order to strengthen the duo State-Municipality for an increased mobilization of the fiscal resources of the municipality of Abomey-Calavi.
At the beginning of this working session which took place in the office of the 1st Deputy Mayor, the 2nd Deputy Mayor Julien Honfo, as chairman of the session, thanked the Departmental Director and his delegation for this initiative Which, he says, comes at the right time because it is in line with the will of the Mayor Georges Bada and his Council to strengthen the treasury of his Municipality through a more methodical mobilization of fiscal resources.

After the intervention of the Second Deputy Mayor, the DDI Emmanuel Sonon took the floor to unveil the real motivations of this working session. We retain through the explanations, of the one who likes to be called "tax maneuver", that it is a meeting to speed up the formalization of the protocol of partnership between the Tax Services and the municipal administration.
According to Mr. Sonon, Abomey-Calavi is a municipality with a particular status, full of fiscal potentialities. Which potentialities cannot be exploited if the Tax Services, in synergy with the information system, a better insight taxes and resources recovery, do not put in place an adequate strategy likely to make profitable this potential or this deposit tax; This to the great displeasure of the development of the Municipality.

The DDI Atlantique-Littoral notes that the economic and financial difficulties at the national level have a negative impact on local taxation. He suggested that local governments should revitalize their resource mobilization strategies. In this context, he welcomes and encourages the Mayor and his Communal Council to continue the database updating process of the Urban Land Register (ULR).

He also recommends the endowment of the two Tax Centers of small enterprises of the Abomey-Calavi municipality of with appropriate material and human means to maximize the revenues of mobile audiences which are currently in their active phase in the Municipality. Drfm Émie Mèvo undertook to make the final adjustments in this direction.
In his speech, the Head of Mission Antoine Tonny Sithon stressed the reforms that the third mandate of Abomey-Calavi Municipal Council put in place in order to give the Taxation Resource mobilization strategy;
Resources without which the implementation of the Municipal Action Plan of the Mayor, for the happiness of its citizens, would be mortgaged. He reassured the DDI that the much-desired Memorandum of Understanding would be signed shortly with clear objectives and appropriate incentives for stakeholders to achieve the objectives. Lastly, Mr Sithon made himself the spokesperson of the Mayor, who wants the central state to give to Abomey-Calavi Municipality, which is growing exponentially, a third CIPE in order to better cover All the 9 boroughs of the Municipality.

Finally, the DDI Atlantique-Littoral welcomed the political will of the Mayor, the professional experience and the competence of Drfm Élie Mèvo and the CM Antoine Sithon, who, he said, constitute the potential assets to meet the objectives in order to increase the tax base of Abomey-Calavi Municipality. The Second Deputy Mayor, Julien Honfo, believes that in addition to Drfm and CM, the Departmental Director of Atlantic-Littoral Taxes is and remains a third mandatory asset. He who, is an administrered of Abomey-Calavi Mayor which the expertise will be solicited during the elaboration of the primitive budget of 2017 municipality fiscal year.

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