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The new Ambassador of Benin to France express courtesies to is his respects to Mayor Georges Bada

The new Ambassador of Benin to France express courtesies to is his respects to Mayor Georges Bada

Waiting to join Paris to ensure the management of diplomatic relations and the coordination of bilateral cooperation between Benin and France, his Excellency Auguste Alavo newly appointed Ambassador by President Patrice Talon, paid this Wednesday, October 26, 2016, a visit to the first authority of Abomey-Calavi municipality, Mayor Georges Bada.

After an one-to-one meeting between the two personalities which lasted about an hour, the new Ambassador of Benin to France said that this visit is not inscribed in a formal setting related to its Republican function. Ambassador Alavo said also that the initiative to express courtesies to Mayor Georges Bada, emanates from him and takes its basis not only from the friendly and interpersonal relationships he had with his host, but also from the fact that it is and remains one of the 700,000 administered under the supervision of his local authority.
"It is the citizen Auguste Alavo of the town of Abomey who went to see the Mayor, '' he said at the end of the meeting. Ambassador Alavo said also that he has been closed to Mayor Georges Bada since they have been meeting on official mission for monitor election ing elections in several countries of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS): "We performed together several monitoring missions," he Alavo said the Ambassador.

Without betraying a secret, he said that issues relating to the development of the town of Abomey were also at the heart of its dialogue with the Mayor Georges Bada.

He and his host hashed out the healthiness challenges, sanitation of the living environment, land issues, waste management, urban mobility and others which are chinese puzzle for people of Abomey -Calavi and remain priorities for the authorities, responsible of the town.

The foundations for future collaboration between the two entities (Embassy-Municipality) have been laid down by the two personalities in a cordial and friendly atmosphere.

Source/Author : Mayor of Abomey Calavi
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