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On the sidelines of August municipality meeting: The Prefect Codjia praises the innovative initiatives of Mayor Bada

On the sidelines of August municipality meeting: The Prefect Codjia praises the innovative initiatives of Mayor Bada

Mayor George Bada continues its journey in the districts. As part of rotating municipality meetings initiated by himself, the municipal authority was on Tuesday, August 30, 2016 in the district of Golo-Djigbé to hold this command meeting.

What is new here is the presence of the Prefectoral Authority to this great statutory appointment relocated at Abomey-Calavi City Hall under Bada era. Jean-Claude Codjia, Regulator, as Prefect of the Atlantic province, followed from one end to the different phases of this meeting.
For the occasion, he did not fail to issue a perfect report to Mayor Georges Bada for the initiatives he continues to take in favor of local governance: ''I say thank you to the Mayor for the quality of its governance''.

''This is an opportunity for Abomey-Calavi munipality to have at its head a man of experience who understands that decentralization has to stop being high-pitched but must flow down to the base. I notice that the said decentralization is on a right ship in Abomey-Calavi'' said the Prefect at the beginning of the meeting when the opportunity was given to him.

He recalls the reasons of his participation by saying: ''I came here to say that the municipal administration of proximity is a priority for us. I came to update the tasks to us assigned during my last visit in the town.
I came as an escort; I came to discuss with you the different steps to strengthen the capacity of elected officials and to improve the quality of governance, the key of development''.

The traditional phases of the municipality meeting...

The organizing principle of the municipality session has not changed despite the presence of the Regulator. The Quorum checking by the Secretary General, a welcome words from District Chief Thomas Ludger Ouinsou, the words of the villages Heads, enforcement of judgments from the previous municipality meeting, speech to the heads of district, choice of the next district that will host the municipal assembly, etc.

The menu is well stocked not to betray the right appreciation scores of governance given above by Prefect Codjia to mayor Bada team. The different interventions of the elected members of Golo-Djigbé (CA, municipal councilor, Heads villages), it holds roughly that this borough divided into 14 villages, has problems related to the existential conditions of the population, as well as the six other districts already visited by the municipal authority.

In this register, were discussed in details water problems, electricity, schools infrastructures ,shopping facilities, security problems, border limits conflict, the teacher shortage problems, lack of furniture, incompleteness of the Akassato-Tangbo Djèvié road, occasioning repeated fatal accidents, especially bottlenecks relating to the subdivision and the construction of Golo-Djigbé airport.

About the Golo-Djigbé airport which the construction is pending since 1963, the CA Ouinsou lamented that this area of 3028 hectares public utility declared by the state, was not accompanied with fair and prior compensation for alleged owners ''.

He regretted that because of carelessness which is observed in relation to this matter, malicious people divide and sale lands in the said area. These are wrongdoing. And on this, the Mayor called the people for calm, to respect the Republic acts and do not fall foul of the law.

These are wrongdoing. And on this, the Mayor called people for calm and respect for the acts of the Republic not to fall foul of the law.

The prefectural authority, as the state representative at the departmental level, reassured as to the arrangements for the effectiveness of airport construction, the completion of the road, the settlement of border conflicts and many other development issues beyond the competence of the Mayor and the municipal Council. Jean-Claude Codjia welcomes the synergy and the quality of the relations between the Prefecture and the Mayor. He promised also to establish in other municipalities of the Atlantic, this rotating and delocalized form of municipal meetings bringing the clutches of Mayor Georges Bada. It is recalled that the Mayor and his staff are expected by the end of September in the district of Ouèdo for holding the next municipality meeting.

Source/Author : Mayor of Abomey Calavi
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