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Meeting in August between the executive body and the decentralized services of the State: The Heads of district of Abomey sign their first

Meeting in August between the executive body and the decentralized services of the State: The Heads of district of Abomey sign their first

The statutory meeting held every last Monday of the month the mayor and his administrative staff with the decentralized services of the State, was held this Monday, August 29, 2016 at the conference room of City Hall. This time, and that, contrary to tradition, there is the emergence of new players. These are the heads of districts. Giving a favorable response to this complaint expressed at the last meeting held municipality in the central district of Calavi, which complaint urged the Mayor to involve CA this command meeting, Mayor Georges Bada invited the Heads of District 9 Trust, in this sitting. He believes that the CA is an important link in the chain that reflects the aspirations of the people into action development and moreover, they are concerned with strengthening the collaboration between the Central State and the decentralized state. Taking advantage of the meeting this last Monday of August, the business meeting was very fruitful. It is marked by the point of the implementation of decisions of the meeting of 25 July 2016 and by the expression of grievances of the devolved departments vis-à-vis the local administration and the expectations thereof, including Heads Borough to them. In this last step, the water service needs, electricity and security were expressed. order and public security forces noted for example that "the darkness made the bed insecurity" and that we should take effective measures to lighting nooks and crannies of the town . On the issue, the representative of Sbee was assertive and reassuring. According to him, the government major projects whose realization will reduce the energetic problems of the town of Abomey. Mr. Ahouandjinou, since it is from him that question, cited the project AFD, with the key, extending the power grid on the territory of the municipality and the World Bank Project which results in the acquisition of new meters in order to meet the demands pending since sometimes more than two years. The Chief Operating Officer of the Agency Sbee of Abomey is referring to commando operation currently running in the town of Abomey, which will impact ultimately almost 2,000 requests.
On the security front, there is a significant change in discussions to change cards counters by conventional counters in police stations and gendarmerie units.
On the health plan, attention was drawn to the Chief Medical Officer of Abomey and the Director of the hospital area on the threats posed by the epidemic of cholera now raging in the country. Mayor Bada stressed the need to take preventive measures to respond to urgent needs and prevent the worst. In addition, the situation at the morgue of the hospital area is of concern and challenges the conscience and responsibility of judicial and health authorities. Be still, this morgue hosts bodies abandoned since 2012. She is overwhelmed and is out of use for over two years. It is a public health issue that calls for a prompt response and action of the government authorities new start.
It must be emphasized that at the start of the meeting, Mayor Georges Bada thanked and congratulated all the forces of the town of Abomey which in one way or another, have invested for the feast of success 1 August 2016 in the municipality. As he spoke on various issues, the need to establish a sufficiently oiled arsenal for safety and cleanliness of the town.

Source/Author : Mayor of Abomey Calavi
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