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Mayor Bada announces great mobilization for the cleanliness of the Commune of Abomey

Mayor Bada announces great mobilization for the cleanliness of the Commune of Abomey

''We may be poor, but clean. The healthiness of the Commune of Abomey is and remains the concern of all. This is the new commitment that I invite every citizen to be part of.
The resurgence of a monthly healthiness campaign that will take place in all our districts, every last Saturday of the month by the initiative of the Municipal Council which I lead, lies in our vision of having a clean and organized city ... ''.

It is by these words that addressed this Saturday, October 29, 2016 to the public, the first authority of the town of Abomey-Calavi. Georges Bada, had just give the go-ahead of a vast operation in order to restore the healthiness of the city of which he is responsible.
In front of the municipal and local officials, the second Deputy Mayor Julien Honfo, the Heads of districts Bernard Hounsou, Apollinaire HOUNGUE, Cadja Germain-Dodo, the municipal administration staff, women and people in lawn mobilized for the occasion the Mayor appealed to a common start around this public health issue which is the cleanliness of the living conditions of its citizens.

The approach of the Authority is to instill in the people manners of Abomey, citizens behaviors whose purpose is the maintenance and preservation of the environment, just to ensure to all a sound health in order to face many development challenges that await this dormitory town with an exponential population growth.

For the blitz against insalubrity in the town of Abomey-Calavi launched this Saturday, two districts were treated by those who have made the trip: central Calavi district and Godomey district

At the first site, the paths and streets located in the distance from the war memorial at Kpota well as the area around the residence of the Mayor, suffered brushes stroke.
In the district of Godomey is the systematic cleaning in the exchanger (sweeping, weeding), which was the task assigned to those who are called to this place to give the click for a new departure for salubrity in the town of Abomey. For the Mayor Bada, maintaining cleanliness is a daily duty that everyone is subject in his home, in their neighborhood or in their village.

Monthly salubrity campaign comes from an exhortation to pay attention on public spaces, on public places.

Source/Author : Mayor of Abomey Calavi
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