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Citizens of Abomey-Calavi

At the beginning of this new year 2017, I exhort you to make this year a more beautiful, prosperous and constructive year.

As one man, let us continue the development of our dear Abomey -Calavi Municipality.
It is only in this dynamic that we will have kept our promises vis-a-vis to the population
This noble mission can only be fulfilled in an atmosphere of understanding, peace and comprehension that we already live in and that we should continue to maintain.
Therefore, to the people of our nine (9) boroughs, I wish them happiness, health, joy, prosperity and peace, and I invite all of us to stand together for more harmonious actions for the benefit of all the population of our Municipality.

Let us always listen to one another and always act in an atmosphere of mutual understanding.
My wishes are also addressed to all the staff of the municipality, to the decentralized services, to the representatives of the religious denominations as well as the other actors and components of the civil society.

As I told you at the beginning of this mandatory, we must go ever further in the development works. We must continue our reflections to innovate and above all to establish new and fruitful partnerships between South / South and North / South in order to realize our development projects and our dreams.

It is on this condition alone that our municipality will be able to bring back our Municipality in the municipal mainstream in Benin, in Africa and beyond African borders.
Together let us reveal our municipality to our population
Together let us reveal our municipality to our country.
Together let us reveal our country to the world.
Let us therefore show goodwill, nourish the passion and love for our municipality in order to achieve our goals.

Let us fulfill our tax and citizens obligations before the due date.
Let us always be ready to support us in the work of construction

Always ready to support us in the construction works in which we are committed for more than a year ago.
Our joy would be to make concrete realization of the development of our municipality in 2017.

I can assure you that this year is a year of hope.
To each of you and to your respective families, I wish to reiterate my best wishes for the new year. So be abundantly filled by Almighty graces.

Happy and successful year 2017!
Thank you !

Source/Author : Abomey Calavi Mayor
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