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Entire Press Release of the Council of Ministers Meeting on 12 October 2016

Entire Press Release of the Council of Ministers Meeting on 12 October 2016

The Ministers Council held its weekly meeting today Wednesday, October 12, 2016 under the chairmanship of the President of the Republic, Head of State and Head of the Government. Today press briefing will focus on eight major points:

1- A draft decree concerning the organization, the functioning and the responsibilities of the financial control.
The attributes of the financial control have been aligned with the Decree of 20 July 2016 on the responsibilities, organization and functioning of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, particularly concerning the conception of the price directory reference of the public administration. Also the conditions of appointing the financial control, his deputies and his delegates in the different Ministries and institutions.

2- Implementation of the restructuring program and the update of the companies in Benin.
The Council took notice of the step of executing the restructuring program and upgrading of the companies in Benin for the period from February 2008 to June 2016.

This is will be financed by UEMOA and will contribute to improve the efficiency of industrial enterprises and support structures, and also to improve the competitiveness and to boost economic growth of the enterprises.

This is a variation of the common Industrial Policy. The Council endorsed the key actions to help sustain the program resources, and speed up the procedures in order to make available the necessary funds for the restructuring program for eligible companies.

3- Financing of Emergency Program « transition fund, Water.
Bilateral cooperation between Benin and the Netherlands Kingdom takes a New Start in the water and sanitation sector, with a signed funding agreement. The process of formulating a new program has started. Until its completion, the Embassy of the Netherlands has set up a temporary emergency program called “Water, Transition Funds”, for a total cost of 6.2 billion FCFA in order to palliate the urgent supply of drinking water to the population.
This program will serve 87,500 people in 21 municipalities through the implementation of 350 water points in urban, suburban and rural areas. The management of funds is assigned to “Caisse Autonome d’Amortissement”

4- Implementation of the national development territorial plan (space Agenda).

The national planning strategy provides an overall picture of the desirable development of the national space and its various territorial components. The scheme specifies the main planning options of Benin which are:
- All the development activities should be structured through the development hubs;

- A development that strengthens solidarity and synergy with neighbors;

- A Development that ensures sustainable management resources of the land.

It is for the government to engage a long-term program through significant actions, and large scale operations of development with structuring effects. The Council approved a short-term roadmap for the implementation of this process.

5- Agents recruitment for public administration.
The Council authorized the organization of competitive recruitment examinations of 7033 contract teachers for the Ministry of Education Nursery and Primary (3601) and the Ministry of Secondary Education, Technical and Professional Training (3432). The financial impact of this examination will be supported by the Minister of Economy and Finance, within the limits set by the Council.

6- Purchase contract for the power supply of 60 MW (thermal)
Awaiting the planned structuring investments to improve our own production capacity of electric power, the government continues the search for a solution of diversification of production sources.

Benin has obtained from the High Inter-State Council of the CEB, an exemption for the purchase of additional 16 importing electricity on the interconnected network of the CEB.
The Ministry of Energy took the opportunity to identify a private energy producer that can immediately provide additional capacity of 60 MW in Benin.
The Council authorized the Minister of Energy to conclude a purchase contract with Paras Energy Company, the best price, with the assistance of a specialized Council Cabinet, an additional capacity of 60 MW.

The Minister of Economy and Finance was instructed to help raising the necessary funds as soon as possible.
Moreover, to improve the relations between SBEE and CEB, the Minister of Economy and Finance and the Minister of Energy, Water and Mines were instructed to initiate the process of SBEE arrears clearance to CEB.
The financial arrangement for this clearance will be provided by the Minister of Economy and Finance, up to 12 billion FCFA. Finally, the Council will consider shortly a Communication on debts and claims between the state and SBEE.

7- Setting up a national land register in Benin
Land insecurity is a major concern in our country. The implementation of the initiated reforms will strengthen the land security. But there is lack of modern and effective tools for land management.
That is why the government took the decision to develop the national cadastre. With the assistance of identified partners, the project will start in 2017.

Eventually, Benin will dispose all the tools for identifying, recording land.

The mapping of the whole country will be finally assured, reliable and durable on a communal basis, and according to the property partition.
In this context, to stop the disorder generated by scattered initiatives in this area, all outstanding operations in the development of cadastral documents are suspended throughout the territory. The Minister of Living Environment and Sustainable Development and the Minister of Decentralization and Local Governance were instructed in order to enforce this decision.

8- Legal framework of public-private partnership.
The Minister of Justice and Legislation, in charge of Relations with the Institutions, reported to the Council of Ministers of the adoption by the National Assembly in its plenary session on Tuesday, October 11, 2016 of the law "legal framework of Public Private Partnership in the Republic of Benin."
The National Assembly has just put at the disposal of the government an important tool in mobilizing national and international private capital for the realization of major infrastructure works contained in his Action plan. The law enriches and puts up to the state's ambitions the promotion of the investment environment in Benin.

It has concluded contracts for public-private partnership (PPP), the procedures of awarding and procurement of projects in the Public Private Partnership (PPP) and has specified the modalities of dispute or sanctions settlement.

By approving the report, the Council of Ministers has instructed the Minister of State, Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic in connection with the Attorney General, Minister of Justice and Legislation as follows:
- Firstly, to prepare an expanded government seminar on Public Private Partnership (PPP) and the implications of the law.
- And secondly, to establish the projects of decrees implementing the adopted law and to submit without delay the Council of Ministers.

Thank you.
Pascal Irénée KOUPAKI

Minister of State, Secretary General of the Presidency

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