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South - South Cooperation for a successful decentralization in Abomey-Calavi Municipality : After China, Mayor Georges Bada, leader of a large delegation in India.

												South - South Cooperation for a successful decentralization in Abomey-Calavi Municipality : After  China, Mayor Georges Bada, leader of a large delegation in India.

Abomey-Calavi Municipal Council delegation reinforced by managers and technical directors of the municipal administration is since Tuesday January 31, 2017 in Indian land precisely in New Delhi.

This is an ingenious inspiration of Mayor Georges Bada, to translate into reality his vision to establish the development of Abomey-Calavi Municipality on solid and inescapable bases for a strong, sustainable and prosperous Decentralized Cooperation . Aware of the fact that no Beninese municipality can begin its real development by living and working in autarky, the leader of Abomey-Calavi Municipality has since taken his stick of pilgrim to knock the doors of Some northern countries that have excelled at home, the experience of local democracy.
Thus, after China experience, the world's most populous country and after signing a partnership agreements with the NGOs BIK and IYF , two renowned structures in South Korea. From Cotonou, Mayor Georges Adédjoyé Bada together with his delegation, went since 30 January 2017 to India, a second most populous country since Monday 30 January 2017.

In one hand, appropriating the methods and techniques of collecting local taxes, setting down a system for optimization and the effective and efficient management of local resources in the other. These are the real motivation of the journey of the municipal delegation to this giant country of Asia.

Purposely, the members of the delegation were deliberately targeted. Besides the Mayor, there is the first Deputy Mayor Victor Adimi, delegated by Mayor to manage finance issues, Municipal Councillors Matokoo Bogninou Igor Alignon, Frank Oswald Hessouh respectively President of the Commission for economic and financial Affairs,
President of the Commission for control and tax evasion and then President of the Commission in charge of relations with civil society and also to represent the administration, the Secretary General of the Municipal Council, Sébastien Kinsiklounon and finally the Director of material and financial resources Elijah Mahougnon Mevo.
For these 7 personalities of Abomey-Calavi Municipality, the small dishes were put in the big ones by Mr. Kirit SOBTI, Executive Director of "K. S. Infosystems '' for a pleasant stay in India with significant benefits for the municipality of Abomey-Calavi. On Tuesday January 31, 2017, the delegation led by the Mayor Georges Bada went to visit the installations of the Company DATAWORLD where masterful exchanges were conducted by Mr. Vinay BANSAL, Director General of Technology, focused on the geo-location of the addressing system of Abomey-Calavi Municipality. The rich and fruitful experience of addressing cities in India was shared with the Abomey-Calavi delegation.

The said delegation also visited the Gis Trans Solutions Company (GTS) with the enlightened guidance of Deputy President of Gis Operations, Mr. Anurag SINGH NEGI and the CEO of the Vivek Sawhney Group. The least that can be observed is that this study trip will be a click of the reforms in the mobilization and management of local finances in Abomey-Calavi Municipality. Already, it can be said without being contradicted that, Indian expertise requested by Bada team to reorganize after a thorough census of all users of the Cococodji market, augurs better tomorrow for the municipal Abomey-Calavi revenues.

Any hope that will come to reinforce the technologies to be appropriated by the municipal delegation in India to impel a new dynamic in the system of organization of the Urban Land Register (RFU) of the great municipality of Abomey-Calavi in other words the Addressing of the Municipality. Ultimately, it is a question of making full use of India's new technological tools but adapted to the realities of Abomey-Calavi Municipality in order to reverse the downward trend in revenues to be fed to the municipal budget assessed on behalf of year 2017 to 6 billion 871 million 191 thousand 282 CFA francs.

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