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South - South Cooperation for a successful decentralization in Abomey-Calavi Municipality : After China, Mayor Georges Bada, leader of a large delegation in India.

												South - South Cooperation for a successful decentralization in Abomey-Calavi Municipality : After  China, Mayor Georges Bada, leader of a large delegation in India.

Abomey-Calavi Municipal Council delegation reinforced by managers and technical directors of the municipal administration is since Tuesday January 31, 2017 in Indian land precisely in New Delhi.

This is an ingenious inspiration of Mayor Georges Bada, to translate into reality his vision to establish the development of Abomey-Calavi Municipality on solid and inescapable bases for a strong, sustainable and prosperous Decentralized Cooperation . Aware of the fact that no Beninese municipality can begin its real development by living and working in autarky, the leader of Abomey-Calavi Municipality has since taken his stick of pilgrim to knock the doors of Some northern countries that have excelled at home, the experience of local democracy.

Thus, after China experience, the world's most populous country and after signing a partnership agreements with the NGOs BIK and IYF , two renowned structures in South Korea. From Cotonou, Mayor Georges Adédjoyé Bada together with his delegation, went since 30 January 2017 to India, a second most populous country since Monday 30 January 2017.

In one hand, appropriating the methods and techniques of collecting local taxes, setting down a system for optimization and the effective and efficient management of local resources in the other. These are the real motivation of the journey of the municipal delegation to this giant country of Asia.

Purposely, the members of the delegation were deliberately targeted. Besides the Mayor, there is the first Deputy Mayor Victor Adimi, delegated by Mayor to manage finance issues, Municipal Councillors Matokoo Bogninou Igor Alignon, Frank Oswald Hessouh respectively President of the Commission for economic and financial Affairs,

President of the Commission for control and tax evasion and then President of the Commission in charge of relations with civil society and also to represent the administration, the Secretary General of the Municipal Council, Sébastien Kinsiklounon and finally the Director of material and financial resources Elijah Mahougnon Mevo.

For these 7 personalities of Abomey-Calavi Municipality, the small dishes were put in the big ones by Mr. Kirit SOBTI, Executive Director of "K. S. Infosystems '' for a pleasant stay in India with significant benefits for the municipality of Abomey-Calavi. On Tuesday January 31, 2017, the delegation led by the Mayor Georges Bada went to visit the installations of the Company DATAWORLD where masterful exchanges were conducted by Mr. Vinay BANSAL, Director General of Technology, focused on the geo-location of the addressing system of Abomey-Calavi Municipality. The rich and fruitful experience of addressing cities in India was shared with the Abomey-Calavi delegation.

The said delegation also visited the Gis Trans Solutions Company (GTS) with the enlightened guidance of Deputy President of Gis Operations, Mr. Anurag SINGH NEGI and the CEO of the Vivek Sawhney Group. The least that can be observed is that this study trip will be a click of the reforms in the mobilization and management of local finances in Abomey-Calavi Municipality. Already, it can be said without being contradicted that, Indian expertise requested by Bada team to reorganize after a thorough census of all users of the Cococodji market, augurs better tomorrow for the municipal Abomey-Calavi revenues.

Any hope that will come to reinforce the technologies to be appropriated by the municipal delegation in India to impel a new dynamic in the system of organization of the Urban Land Register (RFU) of the great municipality of Abomey-Calavi in other words the Addressing of the Municipality. Ultimately, it is a question of making full use of India's new technological tools but adapted to the realities of Abomey-Calavi Municipality in order to reverse the downward trend in revenues to be fed to the municipal budget assessed on behalf of year 2017 to 6 billion 871 million 191 thousand 282 CFA francs.




Citizens of Abomey-Calavi

At the beginning of this new year 2017, I exhort you to make this year a more beautiful, prosperous and constructive year.

As one man, let us continue the development of our dear Abomey -Calavi Municipality.

It is only in this dynamic that we will have kept our promises vis-a-vis to the population

This noble mission can only be fulfilled in an atmosphere of understanding, peace and comprehension that we already live in and that we should continue to maintain.

Therefore, to the people of our nine (9) boroughs, I wish them happiness, health, joy, prosperity and peace, and I invite all of us to stand together for more harmonious actions for the benefit of all the population of our Municipality.

Let us always listen to one another and always act in an atmosphere of mutual understanding.

My wishes are also addressed to all the staff of the municipality, to the decentralized services, to the representatives of the religious denominations as well as the other actors and components of the civil society.

As I told you at the beginning of this mandatory, we must go ever further in the development works. We must continue our reflections to innovate and above all to establish new and fruitful partnerships between South / South and North / South in order to realize our development projects and our dreams.

It is on this condition alone that our municipality will be able to bring back our Municipality in the municipal mainstream in Benin, in Africa and beyond African borders.

Together let us reveal our municipality to our population

Together let us reveal our municipality to our country.

Together let us reveal our country to the world.

Let us therefore show goodwill, nourish the passion and love for our municipality in order to achieve our goals.

Let us fulfill our tax and citizens obligations before the due date.

Let us always be ready to support us in the work of construction

Always ready to support us in the construction works in which we are committed for more than a year ago.

Our joy would be to make concrete realization of the development of our municipality in 2017.

I can assure you that this year is a year of hope.

To each of you and to your respective families, I wish to reiterate my best wishes for the new year. So be abundantly filled by Almighty graces.

Happy and successful year 2017!

Thank you !


Visit of the Taxes Director of Department of Atlantic -Littoral to the Municipality of Abomey-Calavi: For a strong and fruitful partnership for the mobilization of the fiscal resources

Visit of the Taxes Director of Department of Atlantic -Littoral to the Municipality of Abomey-Calavi: For a strong and fruitful partnership for the mobilization of the fiscal resources

As part of the series of tours he initiated in the different municipalities in his area of competence, the Departmental Director of Taxes Atlantic and Littoral, Emmanuel Sonon, carried out on Thursday, November 10, 2016, a workshop at the Abomey-Calavi Municipality for a working session.

In the company of his staff and the heads of the Deconcentrated Departments of the State in this sector (Collectors and CIPE1 and 2 Tax Inspectors), the Departmental Director of Taxes exchanged with the Deputy Mayors, the Head of Mission of Control and tax evasion, and then the Director of Financial and Material Resources, on the practical steps to be taken in order to strengthen the duo State-Municipality for an increased mobilization of the fiscal resources of the municipality of Abomey-Calavi.

At the beginning of this working session which took place in the office of the 1st Deputy Mayor, the 2nd Deputy Mayor Julien Honfo, as chairman of the session, thanked the Departmental Director and his delegation for this initiative Which, he says, comes at the right time because it is in line with the will of the Mayor Georges Bada and his Council to strengthen the treasury of his Municipality through a more methodical mobilization of fiscal resources.

After the intervention of the Second Deputy Mayor, the DDI Emmanuel Sonon took the floor to unveil the real motivations of this working session. We retain through the explanations, of the one who likes to be called "tax maneuver", that it is a meeting to speed up the formalization of the protocol of partnership between the Tax Services and the municipal administration.

According to Mr. Sonon, Abomey-Calavi is a municipality with a particular status, full of fiscal potentialities. Which potentialities cannot be exploited if the Tax Services, in synergy with the information system, a better insight taxes and resources recovery, do not put in place an adequate strategy likely to make profitable this potential or this deposit tax; This to the great displeasure of the development of the Municipality.

The DDI Atlantique-Littoral notes that the economic and financial difficulties at the national level have a negative impact on local taxation. He suggested that local governments should revitalize their resource mobilization strategies. In this context, he welcomes and encourages the Mayor and his Communal Council to continue the database updating process of the Urban Land Register (ULR).

He also recommends the endowment of the two Tax Centers of small enterprises of the Abomey-Calavi municipality of with appropriate material and human means to maximize the revenues of mobile audiences which are currently in their active phase in the Municipality. Drfm √Čmie M√®vo undertook to make the final adjustments in this direction.

In his speech, the Head of Mission Antoine Tonny Sithon stressed the reforms that the third mandate of Abomey-Calavi Municipal Council put in place in order to give the Taxation Resource mobilization strategy;

Resources without which the implementation of the Municipal Action Plan of the Mayor, for the happiness of its citizens, would be mortgaged. He reassured the DDI that the much-desired Memorandum of Understanding would be signed shortly with clear objectives and appropriate incentives for stakeholders to achieve the objectives. Lastly, Mr Sithon made himself the spokesperson of the Mayor, who wants the central state to give to Abomey-Calavi Municipality, which is growing exponentially, a third CIPE in order to better cover All the 9 boroughs of the Municipality.

Finally, the DDI Atlantique-Littoral welcomed the political will of the Mayor, the professional experience and the competence of Drfm √Člie M√®vo and the CM Antoine Sithon, who, he said, constitute the potential assets to meet the objectives in order to increase the tax base of Abomey-Calavi Municipality. The Second Deputy Mayor, Julien Honfo, believes that in addition to Drfm and CM, the Departmental Director of Atlantic-Littoral Taxes is and remains a third mandatory asset. He who, is an administrered of Abomey-Calavi Mayor which the expertise will be solicited during the elaboration of the primitive budget of 2017 municipality fiscal year.


Decentralized cooperation: Abomey-Calavi Municipal delegation Council trip continuessmoothly in China

												Decentralized cooperation: Abomey-Calavi Municipal delegation Council trip continuessmoothly in China

As part of the study tour and exchange of experiences organized for four personalities of the Abomey-Calavi Communal Council, the Chinese representatives have put together a well-attended program to offer to Mayor Georges Bada, Godomey's district Chief, Germain Cadja-Dodo and the Chairmen of the Commissions, Félix Dossa Dansou and Patrice Hounyewa a pleasant and productive stay.

The aim of this trip from the local level is to warm the secular ties of North-South Cooperation between Benin and China over several decades level through the strengthening of decentralized cooperation between Abomey-Calavi Municipality and the local governments of China; all have been made by the Chinese local authority for Abomey-Calavi Municipality to take advantage of it.

So, after the city of Guangdong this Sunday, the municipal delegation had the privilege, on Monday, November 07, 2016, to go to Shenzhen. In the afternoon of the same day, Mayor Bada and his suite were given a guided tour at Huawei Company, the headquarters of telephony and MTIC, in the process of achieving 5G. The tour continues on Tuesday, November 08, 2016 on DJI-Innovations Company's large textile company for the quality of its innovations and on the Shenzhen Municipal Museum, where the delegation spent the nights from Monday to Wednesday.

After a friendly lunch with the municipal government of Shenzhen City, the delegation led by Mayor Georges Bada was led to a guided tour of the BGI Company. Here the members of the Abomey-Calavi Communal Council in China have been seduced by the scientific potential and technological advantages developed by this Society in the field of agricultural and genetic transformations for phytosanitary needs.

delegation can draw many experiences from the BGI Society in the fields of agriculture, medicine, management of micro-organisms, etc.

As part of the same approach, the 4 Ambassadors of Abomey-Calavi Municipality in China visited AVIC International Holding Corporation, a major company for the GLO DJIGBE international airport and many other commercial and Ways in Abomey Calavi.

It should be remembered that in September 2016, the President of the Republic of Benin, His Excellency Patrice Guillaume Athanase Talon, has made the same visit as well as the one made by Mayor Georges Bada and his three collaborators. After a dinner offered by AVIC International Holding Corporation as a sign of hospitality to the Municipal delegation, the trip of the Benin hosts China will lead them on Wednesday, November 9, 2016 in the city of Ningbo, a port city known for its rich experiences in healthiness and solid household waste management.

This means that, far from being a pleasure trip, the officials and authorities of the cities and societies visited by the Abomey-Calavi municipality Ambassadors in China have capitalized rich experiences and knowledge for building a modern city, in terms of development. These experiences and knowledges would definitely constitute inescapable references to the Mayor Georges Bada in the implementation of his municipal vision.


Decentralized cooperation between Abomey-Calavi Municipality and the Chinese cities: Mayor Georges Bada and a municipal Council delegation in China for a working visit

Decentralized cooperation between Abomey-Calavi Municipality and the Chinese cities: Mayor Georges Bada and a municipal Council delegation in China for a working visit

In order to establish the bridge and strengthen the decentralized cooperation between Abomey-Calavi Municipality and the Chinese cities, a municipal Council delegation led by Mayor Georges Bada left Cotonou since Wednesday 03 November 2016 to China.

In addition to the mayor, the municipal delegation is composed by municipal authorities such as Germain Cadja- Dodo, Godomey's borought Chief, Dansou Dossa Félix, President of the Commission in charge of Decentralized Cooperation and Patrice Hounyewa, President of the Commission of Land and environmental affairs.

In regard of the program concocted in the context of the visit of the Municipal council delegation in China by the Chinese Embassy in Benin, this visit predicts good results and better future for the Municipality. Arrived and welcomed at 2:20 pm Chinese time at Guangzhou International Airport, the first meeting of the Municipal delegation in China, was held at 5 pm, following the program communicated by Mr. FAN Bin, Office of Foreign Affairs of Guangdong Province.

The delegation was received in audience and dinner by Ms. Su Caifang, Chief Executive Officer of Foreign Affairs of the big province Guangdong with three of her important collaborators, in the sumptuous restaurant of White Swang hotel. it should be noted that on the evening of Friday, November 04, 2016, Mayor Bada Georges and his delegation made the Night Cruise on Pearl River in order to give ideas to develop the lake tourism in Abomey-Calavi.

What is also not superfluous to point out is that this trip in China of the four members of the Abomey-Calavi municipal Council quoted above, follows a personal management of Mayor Georges Bada.

During an audience with him at the Chinese Embassy, the first authority of Abomey-Calavi Municipality called for the strengthening of the friendly and bilateral relations between Benin and China on the one hand, then between the local governments of China and Abomey-Calavi Municipality on the other hand.

It is in this perspective that this study tour was offered to the Mayor and to three other members of the Municipal Council which he presides, as stipulated in the letter of invitation signed by Diao Mingsheng, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People's Republic of China addressed to Mayor Bada. Finally, it must be mentioned the fact that a delegation of the Mayor of Grand Popo headed by the Mayor is staying in China.


The new Ambassador of Benin to France express courtesies to is his respects to Mayor Georges Bada

The new Ambassador of Benin to France express courtesies to is his respects to Mayor Georges Bada

Waiting to join Paris to ensure the management of diplomatic relations and the coordination of bilateral cooperation between Benin and France, his Excellency Auguste Alavo newly appointed Ambassador by President Patrice Talon, paid this Wednesday, October 26, 2016, a visit to the first authority of Abomey-Calavi municipality, Mayor Georges Bada.

After an one-to-one meeting between the two personalities which lasted about an hour, the new Ambassador of Benin to France said that this visit is not inscribed in a formal setting related to its Republican function. Ambassador Alavo said also that the initiative to express courtesies to Mayor Georges Bada, emanates from him and takes its basis not only from the friendly and interpersonal relationships he had with his host, but also from the fact that it is and remains one of the 700,000 administered under the supervision of his local authority.

"It is the citizen Auguste Alavo of the town of Abomey who went to see the Mayor, '' he said at the end of the meeting. Ambassador Alavo said also that he has been closed to Mayor Georges Bada since they have been meeting on official mission for monitor election ing elections in several countries of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS): "We performed together several monitoring missions," he Alavo said the Ambassador.

Without betraying a secret, he said that issues relating to the development of the town of Abomey were also at the heart of its dialogue with the Mayor Georges Bada.

He and his host hashed out the healthiness challenges, sanitation of the living environment, land issues, waste management, urban mobility and others which are chinese puzzle for people of Abomey -Calavi and remain priorities for the authorities, responsible of the town.

The foundations for future collaboration between the two entities (Embassy-Municipality) have been laid down by the two personalities in a cordial and friendly atmosphere.


Mayor Bada announces great mobilization for the cleanliness of the Commune of Abomey

Mayor Bada announces great mobilization for the cleanliness of the Commune of Abomey

''We may be poor, but clean. The healthiness of the Commune of Abomey is and remains the concern of all. This is the new commitment that I invite every citizen to be part of.

The resurgence of a monthly healthiness campaign that will take place in all our districts, every last Saturday of the month by the initiative of the Municipal Council which I lead, lies in our vision of having a clean and organized city ... ''.

It is by these words that addressed this Saturday, October 29, 2016 to the public, the first authority of the town of Abomey-Calavi. Georges Bada, had just give the go-ahead of a vast operation in order to restore the healthiness of the city of which he is responsible.

In front of the municipal and local officials, the second Deputy Mayor Julien Honfo, the Heads of districts Bernard Hounsou, Apollinaire HOUNGUE, Cadja Germain-Dodo, the municipal administration staff, women and people in lawn mobilized for the occasion the Mayor appealed to a common start around this public health issue which is the cleanliness of the living conditions of its citizens.

The approach of the Authority is to instill in the people manners of Abomey, citizens behaviors whose purpose is the maintenance and preservation of the environment, just to ensure to all a sound health in order to face many development challenges that await this dormitory town with an exponential population growth.

For the blitz against insalubrity in the town of Abomey-Calavi launched this Saturday, two districts were treated by those who have made the trip: central Calavi district and Godomey district

At the first site, the paths and streets located in the distance from the war memorial at Kpota well as the area around the residence of the Mayor, suffered brushes stroke.

In the district of Godomey is the systematic cleaning in the exchanger (sweeping, weeding), which was the task assigned to those who are called to this place to give the click for a new departure for salubrity in the town of Abomey. For the Mayor Bada, maintaining cleanliness is a daily duty that everyone is subject in his home, in their neighborhood or in their village.

Monthly salubrity campaign comes from an exhortation to pay attention on public spaces, on public places.


Entire Press Release of the Council of Ministers Meeting on 12 October 2016

Entire Press Release of the Council of Ministers Meeting on 12 October 2016

The Ministers Council held its weekly meeting today Wednesday, October 12, 2016 under the chairmanship of the President of the Republic, Head of State and Head of the Government. Today press briefing will focus on eight major points:

1- A draft decree concerning the organization, the functioning and the responsibilities of the financial control.

The attributes of the financial control have been aligned with the Decree of 20 July 2016 on the responsibilities, organization and functioning of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, particularly concerning the conception of the price directory reference of the public administration. Also the conditions of appointing the financial control, his deputies and his delegates in the different Ministries and institutions.

2- Implementation of the restructuring program and the update of the companies in Benin.

The Council took notice of the step of executing the restructuring program and upgrading of the companies in Benin for the period from February 2008 to June 2016.

This is will be financed by UEMOA and will contribute to improve the efficiency of industrial enterprises and support structures, and also to improve the competitiveness and to boost economic growth of the enterprises.

This is a variation of the common Industrial Policy. The Council endorsed the key actions to help sustain the program resources, and speed up the procedures in order to make available the necessary funds for the restructuring program for eligible companies.

3- Financing of Emergency Program ¬ę transition fund, Water.

Bilateral cooperation between Benin and the Netherlands Kingdom takes a New Start in the water and sanitation sector, with a signed funding agreement. The process of formulating a new program has started. Until its completion, the Embassy of the Netherlands has set up a temporary emergency program called ‚ÄúWater, Transition Funds‚ÄĚ, for a total cost of 6.2 billion FCFA in order to palliate the urgent supply of drinking water to the population.

This program will serve 87,500 people in 21 municipalities through the implementation of 350 water points in urban, suburban and rural areas. The management of funds is assigned to ‚ÄúCaisse Autonome d‚ÄôAmortissement‚ÄĚ

4- Implementation of the national development territorial plan (space Agenda).

The national planning strategy provides an overall picture of the desirable development of the national space and its various territorial components. The scheme specifies the main planning options of Benin which are:

- All the development activities should be structured through the development hubs;

- A development that strengthens solidarity and synergy with neighbors;

- A Development that ensures sustainable management resources of the land.

It is for the government to engage a long-term program through significant actions, and large scale operations of development with structuring effects. The Council approved a short-term roadmap for the implementation of this process.

5- Agents recruitment for public administration.

The Council authorized the organization of competitive recruitment examinations of 7033 contract teachers for the Ministry of Education Nursery and Primary (3601) and the Ministry of Secondary Education, Technical and Professional Training (3432). The financial impact of this examination will be supported by the Minister of Economy and Finance, within the limits set by the Council.

6- Purchase contract for the power supply of 60 MW (thermal)

Awaiting the planned structuring investments to improve our own production capacity of electric power, the government continues the search for a solution of diversification of production sources.

Benin has obtained from the High Inter-State Council of the CEB, an exemption for the purchase of additional 16 importing electricity on the interconnected network of the CEB.

The Ministry of Energy took the opportunity to identify a private energy producer that can immediately provide additional capacity of 60 MW in Benin.

The Council authorized the Minister of Energy to conclude a purchase contract with Paras Energy Company, the best price, with the assistance of a specialized Council Cabinet, an additional capacity of 60 MW.

The Minister of Economy and Finance was instructed to help raising the necessary funds as soon as possible.

Moreover, to improve the relations between SBEE and CEB, the Minister of Economy and Finance and the Minister of Energy, Water and Mines were instructed to initiate the process of SBEE arrears clearance to CEB.

The financial arrangement for this clearance will be provided by the Minister of Economy and Finance, up to 12 billion FCFA. Finally, the Council will consider shortly a Communication on debts and claims between the state and SBEE.

7- Setting up a national land register in Benin

Land insecurity is a major concern in our country. The implementation of the initiated reforms will strengthen the land security. But there is lack of modern and effective tools for land management.

That is why the government took the decision to develop the national cadastre. With the assistance of identified partners, the project will start in 2017.

Eventually, Benin will dispose all the tools for identifying, recording land.

The mapping of the whole country will be finally assured, reliable and durable on a communal basis, and according to the property partition.

In this context, to stop the disorder generated by scattered initiatives in this area, all outstanding operations in the development of cadastral documents are suspended throughout the territory. The Minister of Living Environment and Sustainable Development and the Minister of Decentralization and Local Governance were instructed in order to enforce this decision.

8- Legal framework of public-private partnership.

The Minister of Justice and Legislation, in charge of Relations with the Institutions, reported to the Council of Ministers of the adoption by the National Assembly in its plenary session on Tuesday, October 11, 2016 of the law "legal framework of Public Private Partnership in the Republic of Benin."

The National Assembly has just put at the disposal of the government an important tool in mobilizing national and international private capital for the realization of major infrastructure works contained in his Action plan. The law enriches and puts up to the state's ambitions the promotion of the investment environment in Benin.

It has concluded contracts for public-private partnership (PPP), the procedures of awarding and procurement of projects in the Public Private Partnership (PPP) and has specified the modalities of dispute or sanctions settlement.

By approving the report, the Council of Ministers has instructed the Minister of State, Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic in connection with the Attorney General, Minister of Justice and Legislation as follows:

- Firstly, to prepare an expanded government seminar on Public Private Partnership (PPP) and the implications of the law.

- And secondly, to establish the projects of decrees implementing the adopted law and to submit without delay the Council of Ministers.

Thank you.

Pascal Irénée KOUPAKI

Minister of State, Secretary General of the Presidency




Distinguished kindergarten, primary and secondary teachers,

Dear parents,

Dear students,

Here we are again at the traditional ceremony to lunch the new academic school year in our City also in our country.

First of all, on behalf of Abomey Calavi municipal council and in my name, I will extend our sincere congratulations to many efforts and sacrifices to educate and to instruct the young generation of Abomey Calavi.

In fact the results did not meet the expectations during the past academic year, but we do not have to give up. We must work harder for better results. This is what we expect from everyone at the beginning of 2016-2017 academic year.

Distinguished Teachers, The Municipal Council will do whatever is in its power to promote a better quality of education through the development of infrastructures and various kinds of support in order to ease the training of the younger generation.

We promise to do more especially, hoping that you, the main actors of the education chain will be up to the task assigned to you by the Republic. And this surely requires genuine dedication.

To you dear parents,

Despite our financial difficulties, the education of our children must always remain our priority, we must continue to send our children, our younger brothers and sisters to school as recommended the objectives of sustainable development.

To you dear schoolchildren and students,

The sustained effort that you need to study is well the difficult part. It is then time to reconnect with your notebooks and books. You are the future of Benin. We are counting on you. You have no right to disappoint us.

Distinguished actors of education,

I cannot end my message without urging us more courage. It is only after hard work that the success comes. Success to our activities! Good school year 2016-2017. Thank you.

The mayor

Georges BADA


President Patrice Talon speech in the 2nd opening ceremony of “Forum invest in Africa '' (Guangzhou, China)

President Patrice Talon speech in the 2nd opening ceremony of “Forum invest in Africa '' (Guangzhou, China)

Excellencies Heads of State and Government;

Mr. Deputy Prime Minister of the People's Republic of China;

Prime Secretary of Guangdong Province;

The Governor of Guangzhou City;

Mr. President of the World Bank Group;

Mr. President of the China Development Bank;

Distinguished participants;

Ladies and gentlemen,

First of all, I would like to thank the Chinese authorities for the welcome and hospitality my delegation and I have received since our arrival in China.

I would also congratulate each other for the initiative and the excellent organization of this Forum.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The fight against poverty and promoting human development have become the concern of everyone for a shared welfare which the key factor is the economic development.

It is now indisputable that the profitable productive investment is the most effective mean to an efficient economic development.

Africa is no exception to this rule.

The official development aid program which is up to today the only way of promoting economic development has not met our expectations. Then, the financially profitable productive investment is now necessary to secure Africa from the rest of the world.

Nowadays, most of our countries in Africa are ready and provide a favorable field for such investment.

My country, Benin is well an example. Benin enjoys a remarkable political stability for almost half-century.

From 1972 to 1990, Benin has experienced a political system of planned economy with one political party. In 1990, through a national conference that brought together all political, military, and civil forces, Benin opted peacefully and consensually for a multiparty system with a liberal market-oriented economy.

Since then, four regimes have succeeded through six free, peaceful and transparent presidential elections.

The recent one in March 2016 that led to my election, recorded twenty-six contestants. Despite this large number of candidates, the results of the first round have given no reason to doubt that the outcome reflects the will of the Beninese people.

It was the same for the second round where the losing candidate, supported by the outgoing regime, conceded defeat and congratulated the elected President less than ten hours after the polling stations closes.

The prevailing climate of peace and stability attests the maturity of the political culture in Benin.

From the health perspective, Benin has a safe environment as evidence by the absence of major epidemics and the rate of prevalence of HIV remains below 1.2%, one of the lowest in Africa.

Despite the fact that Benin does not have significant natural resources, his strengths are countless.

From the tourism aspect, its zoo, its voodoo cultural heritage, its lakeside villages, its seaside potential and the remnants of its historical city, formerly trade slave post, make it a profitable tourism destination investments.

In agricultural arena, with the diversification and the ongoing modernization, Benin will become a powerful and huge regional agricultural pole with real investment opportunities.

It needs to be integrated into its surroundings, the dynamism of the Beninese people, good governance and the determination of the new leaders to structurally transform the economy of this country. It very important to note that, Benin is the gateway to the huge Nigerian market which is up to 200 million consumers.

That is why the top of this podium, I call china public and private enterprises to show interest in this beautiful and dynamic country in West Africa. My government and myself will not fail to actively undertake potential Chinese investors.

I also invite the government and Chinese financial institutions also international financial institutions like the World Bank and the China Development Bank to support proactively this new way of promoting development.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Let us not delude ourselves that productive and profitable investment will be made in Africa massively and spontaneously without unshakable support from the different states and different development financial institutions.

The development aid program must be expressed also by encouraging public and private companies to invest in Africa.

In this context, among other things, it is essential that structural investments should benefit from long-term financing;

In fact a persisting of the perception of high risks in most of our countries, make these funds virtually inaccessible to companies wishing to invest in Africa.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I remain hopeful that our Forum will be the beginning of a new commitment to the development of Africa by productive and profitable investments that our countries will finally meet.

Thank you for your attention.


Benin requests to return about 5,000 stolen cultural objects by France during colonization

																																				Benin requests to return about 5,000 stolen cultural objects by France during colonization

Thrones, reliefs, jewelry, masks and statuettes are some of the cultural objects stolen from the Dahomet Kingdom during the colonization. Most of these cultural objects are exposed at the Quai Branly Museum. Benin wishes to recover them.

The statue of King Guézo, the royal recades, the throne of Glélé and the sacred gate of his palace etc…From 1894 to 1958, these cultural objects have been looted by France during the colonization of Benin.

They are now in majority in the Quai Branly Museum with more than 5000 Benin cultural objects scattered in private collections.

Benin had said on 27, to have made an official request to France Foreign Ministry to recover the stolen assets.

On 27 July, the Benin said it had made a formal request to the Foreign Ministry to recover stolen assets.

Benin relies on the UNESCO conventions which have already allowed the seal of the dey of Alger stolen by French colonial army in 1830 to be returned to Algeria in 2003.

Contacted, the Ministry of Culture says he is waiting for the official restitution request. The negotiations are usually long. Museums often dragging their feet arguing that African museums are not up to the conservation standard of cultural objects.

Actually, it is estimated that 90% of African cultural objects are outside the African continent.

It is a historic request that Benin addressed to France on 27 July. The former Africa sub-Saharan colony, independent since 1960, officially called to Paris to restitute cultural properties acquired in the late nineteenth century, during the colonization period.

Contacted by France 24, the president of the Representative Council of Black Associations in France (CRAN), Louis ‚ÄďGeorges Tin, says: '' this is the first time that a former colony of Black Africa begins this approach''. Since 2013, CRAN is active for the restitution of these Beninese '' treasures looted ''.

It is about 5 000 objects located in several private museums, which most of them now belongs to the collections of the Quai Branly Museum in Paris,

'' objects looted ''.

''The keystones of these looted treasures exhibited in the Quai Branly Museum, are anthropomorphic statues of the last kings of Abomey, a dynasty which ruled Benin until the nineteenth century in what was then called the Dahomey Kingdom, '' explains Louis-Georges Tin.

Other objects of great heritage value, several ''recades'' (royal scepters), thrones, or sacred gates of Abomey palace. ''These objects were looted by General Dodds, the French military at the head of the troops, who conquered the country between 1892 and 1894,'' says Louis-Georges Trin.

It is a question of identity and national pride. ''The young Beninese have to admire these objects home, they bear witness to their rich past, they have a role to play on the memorial map,'' said Louis-Georges Tin, for which these objects have nothing to do within Paris museum. ''It is almost as if the fundamental objects of French heritage were exhibited in Berlin,'' he says.


Construction of Cocotomey new market: Mayor Bada calls for the acceleration of work

Construction of Cocotomey new market:  Mayor Bada calls for the acceleration of work

''Is the master's eye that fattens the horse.'' With this adage, on September 7, 2016, Abomey-Calavi Mayor led this Wednesday, a delegation from the City Council and the Technical Services Director on the site of Cocotomey market building in the district of Godomey.

The first authority of the town of Abomey and his entourage went to see for themselves the level of development of the construction of this infrastructure market which, like offices for men, serves as working place for the women. This is rightly so after this site visit, Mayor Georges Bada advocated that before the end of 2016, all the work of consolidation works, sanitation and electrification should be completed to allow women to move on with their commercial activities.

The market construction project ...

The construction market Cocotomey, is originally part of social measures in favor of communities being in the grip of Godomey Pahou way built by the Beninese Government with the support of the World Bank. In terms of this contract, we had to move the market that formerly was animated on the edge of the road to a more secure place where 6 stands would be adapted. This was actually made by a Chinese company. But it is clear to notice that without the consolidation and sanitation works, the market is flooded in the rainy periods.

This hardly makes it easier to the beneficiaries of this infrastructure. It was then that during a meeting with the World Bank's partners, the City Hall (DST) advocated for the improvements of practicability state of this market. With the strong involvement of the municipal authority, this complaint has prospered from the World Bank. The institution has agreed to use the remaining terms of budget, the order of a billion to build 6 more stands, paving the market courtyard sanitation access roads, the fence of the market and construction of collectors to drain the water to the outlets.

Also, it should be noted that the lighting in this shopping place located in Cocotomey, will be provided by solar street lights, even if, according to the technician, who is the company controller, the supply of these electrification materials faces some difficulties.

Furthermore, it is noted that women who await the delivery of the market to develop income-generating activities are not only very happy because of the raid by the Mayor to put pressure and to boost the company to deliver the market on time. They are also satisfied to know the Mayor promised that by the end of the year, they will integrate the market.

Through their manager, they said a thousand prayers in the direction of the municipal authority. Finally, we must mention that apart from three members of the municipal executive, the Director of Technical Services of the City Council and all the Officers of the Mayor Mission, several Godomey elected members are honored with their presence this visit to illustrate the priority and urgency of this masterpiece which will be delivered shortly.

This concerns the district chief Germain Cadja-Dodo and municipal advisors Ezrou Florent, Chantal Houenha, says Joseph Dossou Paulin Dossa, Franck Hessouh Theophilus Houngbédji. These were all alongside No. 1 of Abomey-Calavi and his two Deputies Victor Julien Honfo Adimi and, for the good cause.


On the sidelines of August municipality meeting: The Prefect Codjia praises the innovative initiatives of Mayor Bada

On the sidelines of August municipality meeting: The Prefect Codjia praises the innovative initiatives of Mayor Bada

Mayor George Bada continues its journey in the districts. As part of rotating municipality meetings initiated by himself, the municipal authority was on Tuesday, August 30, 2016 in the district of Golo-Djigbé to hold this command meeting.

What is new here is the presence of the Prefectoral Authority to this great statutory appointment relocated at Abomey-Calavi City Hall under Bada era. Jean-Claude Codjia, Regulator, as Prefect of the Atlantic province, followed from one end to the different phases of this meeting.

For the occasion, he did not fail to issue a perfect report to Mayor Georges Bada for the initiatives he continues to take in favor of local governance: ''I say thank you to the Mayor for the quality of its governance''.

''This is an opportunity for Abomey-Calavi munipality to have at its head a man of experience who understands that decentralization has to stop being high-pitched but must flow down to the base. I notice that the said decentralization is on a right ship in Abomey-Calavi'' said the Prefect at the beginning of the meeting when the opportunity was given to him.

He recalls the reasons of his participation by saying: ''I came here to say that the municipal administration of proximity is a priority for us. I came to update the tasks to us assigned during my last visit in the town.

I came as an escort; I came to discuss with you the different steps to strengthen the capacity of elected officials and to improve the quality of governance, the key of development''.

The traditional phases of the municipality meeting...

The organizing principle of the municipality session has not changed despite the presence of the Regulator. The Quorum checking by the Secretary General, a welcome words from District Chief Thomas Ludger Ouinsou, the words of the villages Heads, enforcement of judgments from the previous municipality meeting, speech to the heads of district, choice of the next district that will host the municipal assembly, etc.

The menu is well stocked not to betray the right appreciation scores of governance given above by Prefect Codjia to mayor Bada team. The different interventions of the elected members of Golo-Djigbé (CA, municipal councilor, Heads villages), it holds roughly that this borough divided into 14 villages, has problems related to the existential conditions of the population, as well as the six other districts already visited by the municipal authority.

In this register, were discussed in details water problems, electricity, schools infrastructures ,shopping facilities, security problems, border limits conflict, the teacher shortage problems, lack of furniture, incompleteness of the Akassato-Tangbo Djèvié road, occasioning repeated fatal accidents, especially bottlenecks relating to the subdivision and the construction of Golo-Djigbé airport.

About the Golo-Djigbé airport which the construction is pending since 1963, the CA Ouinsou lamented that this area of 3028 hectares public utility declared by the state, was not accompanied with fair and prior compensation for alleged owners ''.

He regretted that because of carelessness which is observed in relation to this matter, malicious people divide and sale lands in the said area. These are wrongdoing. And on this, the Mayor called the people for calm, to respect the Republic acts and do not fall foul of the law.

These are wrongdoing. And on this, the Mayor called people for calm and respect for the acts of the Republic not to fall foul of the law.

The prefectural authority, as the state representative at the departmental level, reassured as to the arrangements for the effectiveness of airport construction, the completion of the road, the settlement of border conflicts and many other development issues beyond the competence of the Mayor and the municipal Council. Jean-Claude Codjia welcomes the synergy and the quality of the relations between the Prefecture and the Mayor. He promised also to establish in other municipalities of the Atlantic, this rotating and delocalized form of municipal meetings bringing the clutches of Mayor Georges Bada. It is recalled that the Mayor and his staff are expected by the end of September in the district of Ouèdo for holding the next municipality meeting.


Meeting in August between the executive body and the decentralized services of the State: The Heads of district of Abomey sign their first

Meeting in August between the executive body and the decentralized services of the State: The Heads of district of Abomey sign their first

The statutory meeting held every last Monday of the month the mayor and his administrative staff with the decentralized services of the State, was held this Monday, August 29, 2016 at the conference room of City Hall. This time, and that, contrary to tradition, there is the emergence of new players. These are the heads of districts. Giving a favorable response to this complaint expressed at the last meeting held municipality in the central district of Calavi, which complaint urged the Mayor to involve CA this command meeting, Mayor Georges Bada invited the Heads of District 9 Trust, in this sitting. He believes that the CA is an important link in the chain that reflects the aspirations of the people into action development and moreover, they are concerned with strengthening the collaboration between the Central State and the decentralized state. Taking advantage of the meeting this last Monday of August, the business meeting was very fruitful. It is marked by the point of the implementation of decisions of the meeting of 25 July 2016 and by the expression of grievances of the devolved departments vis-à-vis the local administration and the expectations thereof, including Heads Borough to them. In this last step, the water service needs, electricity and security were expressed. order and public security forces noted for example that "the darkness made the bed insecurity" and that we should take effective measures to lighting nooks and crannies of the town . On the issue, the representative of Sbee was assertive and reassuring. According to him, the government major projects whose realization will reduce the energetic problems of the town of Abomey. Mr. Ahouandjinou, since it is from him that question, cited the project AFD, with the key, extending the power grid on the territory of the municipality and the World Bank Project which results in the acquisition of new meters in order to meet the demands pending since sometimes more than two years. The Chief Operating Officer of the Agency Sbee of Abomey is referring to commando operation currently running in the town of Abomey, which will impact ultimately almost 2,000 requests.

On the security front, there is a significant change in discussions to change cards counters by conventional counters in police stations and gendarmerie units.

On the health plan, attention was drawn to the Chief Medical Officer of Abomey and the Director of the hospital area on the threats posed by the epidemic of cholera now raging in the country. Mayor Bada stressed the need to take preventive measures to respond to urgent needs and prevent the worst. In addition, the situation at the morgue of the hospital area is of concern and challenges the conscience and responsibility of judicial and health authorities. Be still, this morgue hosts bodies abandoned since 2012. She is overwhelmed and is out of use for over two years. It is a public health issue that calls for a prompt response and action of the government authorities new start.

It must be emphasized that at the start of the meeting, Mayor Georges Bada thanked and congratulated all the forces of the town of Abomey which in one way or another, have invested for the feast of success 1 August 2016 in the municipality. As he spoke on various issues, the need to establish a sufficiently oiled arsenal for safety and cleanliness of the town.


Worship and cultural ceremonies of 9 days in the Commune of Abomey: Mayor Bada and his staff support the king of Houeto

Worship and cultural ceremonies of 9 days in the Commune of Abomey: Mayor Bada and his staff support the king of Houeto

Worship and cultural ceremonies of 9 days in the Commune of Abomey: Mayor Bada and his staff support the king of Houeto

weaving the new string to the old. His Majesty Tognon Tosso Atchedji, 10th King of Houeto is in the dynamic of perpetuation and the enhancement of cultural heritage bequeathed to him.

For this reason, surrounded by other guardians of temples and worshipers of divinities Dè of community Aizo, Toffin, caming from Hêvié, Akassato, Zinvié (Yêvié), Glo-Djigbé, Ouidah and Porto-Novo, the king Houeto launched since Friday, August 19, 2016, a series of events supported by the first authority of Abomey, the Mayor Georges Bada and his politico-administrative staff. These events that last nine days end Sunday, Aug. 28, 2016.

But they had their climax this Friday, August 26th, 2016 across several strong acts. Already in the morning, a delegation of the Mayor led by its head of mission Officer for Political Affairs, cultural and religious, Lantonkpodé Daniel was at the Royal Palace to present to his Majesty, the civilities of the municipal authority and transmit at the same time to him, a bag of rice, 3 bottles of whiskey and a budget of 170,000 CFA francs as support from the Mayor and his staff for the said events.

On the occasion, the Head of the delegation told the King that the Mayor encourages all initiatives that contribute to the harmony and development of the municipality which he is responsible. His Majesty took the opportunity to raise a corner of the veil on the impact of these ceremonies on Benin, the Head of State, Patrice Talon, government authorities, political and administratives, including Mayor Bada and his collaborators.

Marcellin Dèclounon, worthy son of Houeto, recalls that the continuation of history and tradition remains an imperative which must refer anyone who thirsts for the development of his community. It is rightly so that he swore allegiance to the King, to the municipal delegation and to all the forces of the municipality of Abomey-Calavi that are within the dynamic of perpetuation of ancestral values.

The other step that marked this Friday is the libations and other ritual ceremonies officiated by the King of Houeto successively at Tolègba of Abomey-Calavi based in Agori then the decisive step at Adjakè located around Bidossessi intersection, this, after a long caravan of gods, their worshipers and admirers. In this last step of the ritual ceremony, an ox was sacrificed to Adjakè fetish to implore the blessing and graces of the gods on Benin in general and on the Municipality of Abomey-Calavy in particular.

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